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5/19/09 01:52 pm - what an LOL

Are you addicted to bacon?

Created by Recipe Star

5/19/09 01:43 pm



Also, I must unpack in order to pack again. How arduous.

5/14/09 08:56 pm - Summa Summa

I may have a job at a fish market

I definitely have a new, "professional" email address

No numbers necessary, but there is way too much middle name

I feel kind of forlorn, and also hungry.

2/19/09 04:15 pm - :(

Pitchfork finally acknowledges the existence of Rochester, NY.


1/18/09 01:47 pm - Ah yes

20 degrees feels so blissfully balmy. Thank you, universe.

12/29/08 11:47 pm - Drams from me, drams from you

I think I've reached the wage slave numbness I've been aiming for. Every customer looks exactly the same, give or take a few layers of makeup. If they slide a coin into the tip jar, however, they look like pure sunshine.

My workplace is full of high school level drams(z), and I'm pretty sure the whole place is physically held together with Scotch tape.

I feel halfway as if I've been here forever, and halfway as if I just got here. I think both sentiments are true. As usual, I can't decide if I'm ready to go back to school, or whether I just want to float around here for a while, Graduate style.

Speaking of filmz, I bought 8 1/2 for myself and I can't wait (at some point) to get stoned and watch it. Or watch it in any old state of mind.

12/2/08 10:14 pm - stoled

because I don't feel like writing a fucking sonnet tonight.

Meme-ageCollapse )

12/2/08 12:47 am - doom

The physical manifestations of my stress were too much for squishy frog. He just erupted his toxic ooze all over me. RIP little guy. Thanks in advance for the cancer.

Get me to the dollar store. I need to buy me a squeeze donut. Oh and can I buy some extra time too? They seem to carry almost everything else there.

11/15/08 11:14 am

Deerhunter gave me a beer and a setlist and I am happy.

11/6/08 08:28 pm

ugh, etc. Forever.

11/3/08 02:06 pm

I'm bad.

9/25/08 04:32 pm - too cerebral

man oh man oh man (or woman oh woman?)
I feel inadequate sometimes. I need to quit thinking about thinking and start thinking about what I'm doing instead. Sometimes I think I'm forgetting how to speak, at least about important things. I blame you, Stephen Dedalus. It's a good thing I have singing to keep me grounded, because you can't think about anything else when you're making music. It's so cathartic. Well, not necessarily my particular musical outlet, since it seems to be adding an unnecessary amount of drama to my life.

On a side note, my music collection is getting very stale.

9/15/08 02:03 pm

I wish I could ever understand, I wish I could get inside your head.

9/12/08 09:47 am - Evangelicals AND Elephant 6

Rochester is actually getting good bands right now. Good for you, little Roch. You're moving up in the world.

9/3/08 03:20 pm - momentary optimism

I'm trying to remind myself every second that the world does not revolve around me. Also, I'm learning to appreciate the fact that I care about other people, and it shouldn't matter so much how they feel about me. These are things I'm trying hard to believe.

Right now everything is mostly fine. I'm drinking cold water, I'm about to settle down and read some James Joyce. Mmmm okay.

8/14/08 02:50 pm

Srsly, Oliver Stone?

6/24/08 01:02 pm - That's all

I'm so fucking excited for Pitchfork Festival that I want to throw up.

6/13/08 05:04 pm - Skeletal Lamping

The new Of Montreal album comes out in October. Happy birthday to me! Kevin Barnes describes it on the most recent blog. And also finally reveals what the relevance of "lamping" is, which has been driving me insane. It sounds pretty interesting. Yeahhhh.

All that is new in my life is other people's blogs.

And FUCK Pitchfork two day passes just sold out. I suck at this game. Now I have to pay ten whole dollars more to see both days... At this point in my life, this is still a big deal to me. Oh the sacrifices I make for music.

5/29/08 11:19 pm

So far, the theater is a great job. The stuff I do is similar to Coldstone, but the suck factor is significantly significantly less, as is the difficulty level. I could work the cash register in my sleep. We take group smoke breaks out front during the slow times and eat as much popcorn and drink as much soda as we please. Movies are free. The boss isn't a huge asshole. Movies are free.

I'm going to save so much $$$ this summer, since movies are the majority of what I spent my $$$ on anyway.

Nothing else is happening. I'm hungry a lot, I'm trying to improve my guitar skillz, I'm bothering my dog, I'm missing my friends. I'm trying not to think about being a senior. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to make it to Pitchfork.

5/12/08 12:25 pm - but i wish I didn't miss you so much

A few weeks ago I scored an interview at Pittsford Cinema, and when I called them back they were still interested in having me come in. All I've ever wanted was to work there. I guess the third application (+ a footnote pleading, "please hire me for the love of God") is the charm. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be hired and the job will come with discounted film tickets.

My first few days back have been a whirlwind. I was immediately greeted by my grandma, uncle, two aunts and cousin when I was far too exhausted to pretend to be happy to see them. But they are gone, and we have leftover Corona, which I'm sampling. My doggie is sitting quietly on the stairs, and with potential employment on the horizon, I feel relaxed, finally. And I have a week to just chill. Awesome awesome.

5/10/08 11:14 pm - but full of Indian food

Now I'm at home. exhausted, sad, bewildered.

4/27/08 09:22 pm - Lost in the Funhouse

I.S. is destroying me. I feel incredibly uninspired to do anything more besides eat. A lot. And sleep even more. This is one of the times when I question my pursuit of higher education. I know it will probably be worth it in the long run, but my soul aches. My soul is throwing up in its mouth a little. I think my brain is trying to escape, and I don't blame her.

Fuck, I feel worthless.

Wow. I've written about writing about how I'm writing about a writer writing for the past like, 4 or 5 entries. Fuck you, metafiction. Never never ever again. I can't wait until I'm DOING something instead of uh... this.

4/23/08 12:02 am - when I think about you I touch myself

I'm sick of writing papers.

and female orgasms are boring, apparently. Sex is boring too. But unfortunately, still mostly the point of everything.

So why am I writing papers?

Fuck this, I'm going to be a medieval nun.

4/10/08 09:50 pm - why life is never easy

I've learned so little from my English major, and after two more semesters I'm out of here. I wish I could quit school and be a rock star. I know I'm not ever going to be happy being a mediocre writer, but for some reason I think I could be completely satisfied with being a mediocre musician. Well, maybe or maybe not. I'm so sick of myself and my voice.

I'm definitely sick of writing about impotency in Lost in the Funhouse and being unable to put it. just. right. I'm lost in the funhouse too, apparently.

Why wasn't I born a puppy instead of a pointless, ugly human being?

4/7/08 10:47 pm - postponing real work

Tonight I locked myself out of my room again, and once again my roommates were not there to let me in. You'd think my odds would be better, seeing as there are two of them. But they do seem to think with one mind. And might be hard of hearing, because someone's phone has been going off at intervals for an hour and it for sure ain't mine.

Make me do some work.
after I grab a coke from downstairs

Oh, Caribou's on Wednesdayyyy. And I'm very happy to go.
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