Kate (katemaverick) wrote,

Drams from me, drams from you

I think I've reached the wage slave numbness I've been aiming for. Every customer looks exactly the same, give or take a few layers of makeup. If they slide a coin into the tip jar, however, they look like pure sunshine.

My workplace is full of high school level drams(z), and I'm pretty sure the whole place is physically held together with Scotch tape.

I feel halfway as if I've been here forever, and halfway as if I just got here. I think both sentiments are true. As usual, I can't decide if I'm ready to go back to school, or whether I just want to float around here for a while, Graduate style.

Speaking of filmz, I bought 8 1/2 for myself and I can't wait (at some point) to get stoned and watch it. Or watch it in any old state of mind.
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